"Complete your patio ...

... with Alpha Awnings."

The Alpha Awning range is designed and made in Sydney, Australia. It represents the latest in style, design and functionality. The full suite of awning styles includes Drop Awnings, Cable Guide Awnings, Side Retention System (where the fabric is retained in the side channels, and Pivot Arm Awnings. The Alpha Awning range presents an aesthetically appealing look across all products.. Ideal to protect your patio against the harsh sun, protect from the elements, provide privacy or just give your area a sophisticated finish. Works also well on windows, keep the heat out before it enters through your window.

Features and benefits

  • Spans up to 5m in width or 4m in drop

  • Energy efficient

  • Attractive and functional design

  • Available in four styles

  • Large range of fabric colours to choose from

  • hardware standard in several common powder coating colours; custom colour also available

  • Motorised operation (press a button or use your smart phone) or manual crank, tape winch or soft lift system