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How MY window fashions transform YOUR home

The right window coverings can transform a home – but it’s not all about aesthetics. Form and function combine when it comes to dressing windows – whether it’s classic plantation shutters that look great from outside a home, but can be angled inside for privacy, Roman shades providing diffused light to a living area or dual-control roller blinds offering a range of light options in a bedroom for play or sleep. Window coverings serve many masters and can be one of the best ways to freshen a room. Blind selection can make a big difference to your home. As well as contributing to a room’s overall style, window coverings can soften the ambience of a room and even make a space quieter.

1. Inject style

The aesthetic impact of window coverings is undeniable and is often the main motivating factor for people, as the right choice can take a room from drab to fab. Style is one of the biggest things people think about when buying window coverings, as they can really transform a home. Those beautiful inspirational pictures are generally centred on the style and look people want to achieve in their home, whether that’s modern, country, French provincial or any other look.

2. Control the light

Light control is an important benefit delivered by window coverings, and a facet that shouldn’t be overlooked, as it has a big impact on a home’s liveability. Whether it’s wanting a pitch-black bedroom to sleep in or a sun-filled living space, light control is a big part of why window coverings are so important. The flexibility to change the level of light in a room, via dual-control window dressings, is another way to transform spaces. You can choose a product which gives the ability to control the light, depending on what you need from the room. When watching TV, for example, you don’t want to be in total darkness, but you also don’t want sun glaring off the screen. Light control is an important benefit delivered by window coverings.

3. Protect furniture

The right choice of window covering can help protect your furniture, carpets and artworks from premature fading.

4. Ensure privacy

With the majority of Australians living in urban areas and with neighbours close by, privacy is an important consideration. If you can see through your window coverings during the day, from inside, at night, it will be the reverse, and people outside will be able to see straight in, so choosing the right coverings, ensures your home remains your private haven.

5. Create mood

The mood of a house is absolutely a function of the window dressings. Mood is influenced by many factors, including light, privacy and style – which all come down to window treatments.

6. Deliver thermal comfort

Windows are essentially ‘holes’ in a home, so keeping the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter is a job for a home’s window coverings. Well-fitted, custom-made window coverings will deliver the highest level of thermal comfort. Your window coverings help keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in for winter.

7. Add to energy efficiency

With Australians typically spending 41% of their household energy expenditure managing their home’s temperature, the right window coverings can save money, all year round. To be comfortable, we pay to run air-conditioners in summer and heaters in winter. Having quality window coverings improves energy efficiency, so these appliances don’t have to work as hard or for as long – and therefore don’t cost as much to run. 

8. Muffle sound

Many people don’t consider the acoustic benefits of great window coverings. A room with lots of hard surfaces, that echoes, or hearing road noise from inside, can be pretty unpleasant, but choosing the right window coverings can help dampen these sounds. It’s about liveability and muffling sound.

9. Ensure safety for kids & pets

Safety might not spring to mind when thinking about window coverings, but tangled cords pose a serious safety risk to children and pets. Most Australian households have either a child or a pet, or both, so safety is an important consideration. All modern window treatments comply with the latest child safety regulations.

10. Transform a house into a home

Window coverings make a house a home. They are a reflection of your personality and with all the choices available, window coverings help put a real stamp on a home.